生命科学╳游戏作品合集 (2)
A Collection of Life Science Games Part 2


  In the autumn semester of 2022, the Design Technology 3 was taught in collaboration with the BGI Group. In this course, the students learned the fundamental principles and essential skills for digital game design and development. They designed serious games based on the five research directions offered by the BGI Group, namely “Growing Beings”, “Omnipotent Grafting”, “History of Fishes”, “Evolution of Penguins” and “Endangered Animals”, and developed game prototypes with the Unity engine.

1. 时空旅行鱼 · Traveling Fish
  作者:李雨菡 蒋雨彤 孙睿 王梓桐

  Direction: History of Fishes
  Author: Yuhan Li, Yutong Jiang, Rui Sun & Zitong Wang
  This is a mobile game inspired by the the history of fish evolution, in which a player helps the clown fish to collection information and complete family tree of fishes.

▲ 《时空旅行鱼》游戏截图 · Screenshots from Traveling Fish

▲ 《时空旅行鱼》宣传影片 · Introductory Video of Traveling Fish

▲ 《时空旅行鱼》理念阐述视频 · Concept Explanation Video of Traveling Fish

2. 企遇 · Encounter with Penguins
  作者:毛一迪 林慈丰 刘可心 李淑睿

  Direction: Evolution of Penguins
  Author: Yuhan Li, Yutong Jiang, Rui Sun & Zitong Wang
  In the 30th century, the penguins have become extinct. In order to find out the cause of the extinction, a player acts as a researcher from the Life Research Institute and enters a time-space laboratory to use the newly developed time-travel technology to find out the truth in the history.

▲ 《企遇》游戏截图 · Screenshots from Encounter with Penguins

▲ 《企遇》宣传影片 · Introductory Video of Encounter with Penguins

▲ 《企遇》理念阐述视频 · Concept Explanation Video of Encounter with Penguins

3. 企鹅博物馆 · Penguin Museum
  作者:李桑妮 石一辰 向俞霖 陈鸿鋆

  Direction: Evolution of Penguins
  Author: Sangni Li, Yichen Shi, Yulin Xiang & Hongyun Chen
  The story happens in a penguin museum, in which the main character works as a watchman. He was unexpectedly transported to the penguins’ realm during a routine night patrol and must solve a series of puzzles in order to return to his own world. In this process, the player will also get familiar with the habits of various peguins.

▲ 《企鹅博物馆》游戏截图 · Screenshots from Penguin Museum

▲ 《企鹅博物馆》宣传影片 · Introductory Video of Penguin Museum

▲ 《企鹅博物馆》理念阐述视频 · Concept Explanation Video of Penguin Museum

4. 失落基因 · Lost Gene
  作者:李欣瑶 余雪韩 岳盈盈 段牧子

  Direction: Growing Beings
  Author: Xinyao Li, Xuehan Yu, Yingying Yue & Muzi Duan
  A small island in Aegean, where everything is supposed to be thriving and green, is experiencing an unusual lack of lettuce species. Mira, the player-controlled character, is an apprentice researcher. She and her newly-met friends “spirit” and “rabbit” will work together to collect genetic fragments and solve puzzles to restore the natural environment.

▲ 《失落基因》游戏截图 · Screenshots from Lost Gene

▲ 《失落基因》宣传影片 · Introductory Video of Lost Gene

▲ 《失落基因》理念阐述视频 · Concept Explanation Video of Lost Gene

5. 阿莫耶斯 · Amoyensis
  作者:徐亦婷 陈楒琪 穆思宇 赵桐宣

  Direction: Endangered Animals
  Author: Yiting Xu, Siqi Chen, Siyu Mu & Tongxuan Zhao
  In this game a player plays as Amoyensis, a domesticated South China tiger, who returns to its already unfamiliar home land and learns how to survive and breed in the wild from its ancestors’ memories via different kinds of props and collectibles. In this process, it will also unveil the history of its species.

▲ 《阿莫耶斯》游戏截图 · Screenshots from Amoyensis

▲ 《阿莫耶斯》宣传影片 · Introductory Video of Amoyensis

▲ 《阿莫耶斯》理念阐述视频 · Concept Explanation Video of Amoyensis

  作者:龚欣佳 程钰彧 童蕊 陈佳一 李德霖

  Direction: Omnipotent Grafting
  Author: Xinjia Gong, Yuyu Cheng, Rui Tong, Jiayi Chen & Delin Li
  SCION is a platformer of pixel art style that tells the story of the guardian of SCION, a sacred flower. She travels around the world with the help of “magic branches” to save the withering sacred flower. Along the , collects various branches and performs grafts so as to revive SCION.

▲ 《SCION》游戏截图 · Screenshots from SCION

▲ 《SCION》宣传影片 · Introductory Video of SCION

▲ 《SCION》理念阐述视频 · Concept Explanation Video of SCION