生命科学╳游戏作品合集 (1)
A Collection of Life Science Games Part 1


  In the autumn semester of 2022, the Design Technology 3 was taught in collaboration with the BGI Group. In this course, the students learned the fundamental principles and essential skills for digital game design and development. They designed serious games based on the five research directions offered by the BGI Group, namely “Growing Beings”, “Omnipotent Grafting”, “History of Fishes”, “Evolution of Penguins” and “Endangered Animals”, and developed game prototypes with the Unity engine.

1.  拯救者 · Saviour
  作者:林尤翔 雷子熠 林煜 梁心怡

  Direction: Omnipotent Grafting
  Author: Youxiang Lin, Ziyi Lei, Yu Lin & Xinyi Liang
  To improve the success rate of grafting, scientists from BGI have developed a special type of cells that may play an important role in the grafting process. In this game a player acts as one small special cell and takes on the challenge of going through the necrotic layer, cell adhesion and catheter differentiation levels in the microscopic world.

▲ 《拯救者》游戏截图 · Screenshots from Saviour

▲ 《拯救者》宣传影片 · Introductory Video of Saviour

▲ 《拯救者》理念阐述视频 · Concept Explanation Video of Saviour

2.  拯救白头海雕 · Saving Haliaeetus Leucocephalus
  作者:高上媛 郭相茹 刘若逸

  Direction: Endangered Animals
Author: Shangyuan Gao, Xiangru Guo & Ruoyi Liu

  This is a story-telling puzzle game of pixel art style. Players are expected to search for clues in the virtual computer and recover lost memories of the protagnist.  By doing so, players may accomplish the mission of saving Haliaeetus Leucocephalus and learn acquire the knowledge of endangered animals.

▲ 《拯救白头海雕》游戏截图 · Screenshots from Saving Haliaeetus Leucocephalus

▲ 《拯救白头海雕》宣传影片 · Introductory Video of Saving Haliaeetus Leucocephalus

▲ 《拯救白头海雕》理念阐述视频 · Concept Explanation Video of Saving Haliaeetus Leucocephalus

  作者:刘隽语 张雯淇 刘一驰 金怡


  Direction: Growing Beings
  Author: Juanyu Liu, Wenqi Zhang, Yichi Liu & Yi Jin
  This is a puzzle adventure platformer in which players act as a post-apocalyptic scientist traveling to CORE, an alien planet, to study local plants and solve the mystery of the disappearance of the previous squad of explorers. Through this game players learn the basics of plant growth and gene editing while having fun of playing.

▲ 《CORE》游戏截图 · Screenshots from CORE

▲ 《CORE》宣传影片 · Introductory Video of CORE

▲ 《CORE》理念阐述视频 · Concept Explanation Video of CORE

4.  寻 · Seeking
  作者:戴若妤 琚竞妍 田梓昂 赵小雨

  Direction: Evolution of Penguins
  Author: Ruoyu Dai, Jingyan Ju, Ziang Tian & Xiaoyu Zhao
  In this game, the player acts as a little penguin, searching for penguins of other races and consulting them to discover its own identity.

▲ 《寻》游戏截图 · Screenshots from Seeking

▲ 《寻》宣传影片 · Introductory Video of Seeking

▲ 《寻》理念阐述视频 · Concept Explanation Video of Seeking

5.  生命钟 · Life Clock
  作者:张益畅 祁佳俊 邬艺骁 程彦凇 马小松

  Direction: Endangered Animals
  Author: Yichang Zhang, Jiajun Qi, Yixiao Wu, Yansong Cheng & Xiaosong Ma
  This game features twelve levels based on twelve extinct animals due to over-hunting, which bases its mechanism on the classic Pac-Man game. A player has to find the correct keys in a maze, while avoiding the hunting robots, to rescue corresponding animals and bring them back to their habitat.

▲ 《生命钟》游戏截图 · Screenshots from Life Clock

▲ 《生命钟》宣传影片 · Introductory Video of Life Clock

▲ 《生命钟》理念阐述视频 · Concept Explanation Video of Life Clock

  作者:李佳禾 高景德 白宇航 李蕴琦

  Direction: History of Fishes
  Author: Jiahe Li, Jingde Gao, Yuhang Bai & Yunqi Li
  This game is a platformer for science communication based on the evolution of fishes. A player is expected to acquire the traits that have a profound impact on the history of fish evolution. With these traits, the player will be able to accomplish the challenging levels and evolve in different directions.

▲ 《SEAD》游戏截图 · Screenshots from SEAD

▲ 《SEAD》宣传影片 · Introductory Video of SEAD

▲ 《SEAD》理念阐述视频 · Concept Explanation Video of SEAD