You are currently viewing 原创音游作品合集 (2) · A Collection of Original Music Games Part 2 (2022)

原创音游作品合集 (2) · A Collection of Original Music Games Part 2 (2022)


  Professional Design 3, a course taught by me this semester, required students to create an independent game from conceptualization to prototyping either individually or in teams. It did not place any constraints on art style of game genre but emphasized that audio (music or sound) must be a part of the core game mechanism. Students were encouraged to explore novel ways of gameplay different from nowaday music games and some of their works are as follow.

6. 安布列尔 · Ambulare
  作者:徐婷玉 丁睿 姜懿宸

  Author: Tingyu Xu, Rui Ding & Yichen Jiang
  This is a relaxing and healing semi-musical game. A troubadour elf who seeks the memory of his ancestors runs in dreamy forests in four seasons with his gift, revealing hidden history of this land.

▲ 《安布列尔》游戏截图 · Screenshots from Ambulare

▲ 《安布列尔》介绍影片 · Introductory Video of Ambulare

7. 招魂铃 · Evocation Bell
  作者:关新薇 唐娜 李琳

  Author: Xinwei Guan, Na Tang & Lin Li
  This is a puzzle game of gloomy and horrible style, which is inspired by traditional Chinese mystery novels. The player acts as a Taoist who must solve a series of sound-related puzzles to find his way to Fudu City, the nether world. This game is a typical 2D platformer that has fine pictorial details and unique visual style, which shows the creators’ solid skill of traditional Chinese painting.

▲ 《招魂铃》游戏截图 · Screenshots from Evocation Bell

▲ 《招魂铃》介绍影片 · Introductory Video of Evocation Bell

8. 图灵笔记 · Turing’s Note
  作者:黄秋韵 叶蓁 陈蕾

  Author: Qiuyun Huang, Zhen Ye & Lei Chen
  This is a rhythm game emphasizing the fun of gameplay. The operation is not complicated: the player only need to press keys exactly on beats to raise the precision of telegram. However, strong rhythm and smooth gameplay make this game immersive. Moreover, the color scheme mimicking an oscilloscope give it a unique taste of vintage aesthetics.

▲ 《图灵笔记》游戏截图 · Screenshots from Turing’s Note

▲ 《图灵笔记》介绍影片 · Introductory Video of Turing’s Note

9. 异想行星 · Planet of Fantasy

  Author: Yichen Xu
  This is a musical game of Low-poly style which is easy to play and has lasting appeal. It turns the obstacle-dodging actions of a running game into beat responding operations. When a player finishes a complete melody precisely, he/she will naturally enjoy the pleasant sense of fulfillment.

▲ 《异想行星》游戏截图 · Screenshots from Planet of Fantasy

▲ 《异想行星》介绍影片 · Introductory Video of Planet of Fantasy

10. 菌之谷 · Mushroom Valley
  作者:容晓薇 屠柯鸣 陈苏皖

  Author: Xiaowei Rong, Keming Tu & Suwan Chen
  This is a dual-player musical game with elegant visuals and bright colors. Two spirits linked together need to cooperate to collect spores from the mushrooms. The mushroom forest shines with brilliant light of dreamy beauty when the spirits dance with the music.

▲ 《菌之谷》游戏截图 · Screenshots from Mushroom Valley

▲ 《菌之谷》介绍影片 · Introductory Video of Mushroom Valley

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