You are currently viewing 原创音游作品合集 (1) · A Collection of Original Music Games Part 1 (2022)

原创音游作品合集 (1) · A Collection of Original Music Games Part 1 (2022)


  Professional Design 3, a course taught by me this semester, required students to create an independent game from conceptualization to prototyping either individually or in teams. It did not place any constraints on art style of game genre but emphasized that audio (music or sound) must be a part of the core game mechanism. Students were encouraged to explore novel ways of gameplay different from nowaday music games and some of their works are as follow.

1. 幻听 · Acousma
  作者:余秋潼 高玮隆 罗希佳

  Author: Qiutong Yu, Weilong Gao & Xijia Luo
  This TPS puzzle game was elegant and refreshing. It integrates music seamlessly into the game’s core mechanism. A player needs to switch between 2D and 3D view modes and to use sound in correct places and at appropriate moments so as to wake up the sleeping giant. It not only challenges your brain but also entertains your eyes and ears.

▲ 《幻听》游戏截图 · Screenshots from Acousma

▲ 《幻听》介绍影片 · Introductory Video of Acousma

2. X-RGB
  作者:刘文艺 陈妍曲 张诗曼

  Author: Wenyi Liu, Yanqu Chen & Shiman Zhang
  This is a musical game with bright colors and strong style. It takes the form of an FPS game creatively, makes the enemies’ motion synchronize with the beats perfectly. Playing the game is like appreciating an exciting and memorable machine dance.

▲ 《X-RGB》游戏截图 · Screenshots from X-RGB

▲ 《X-RGB》介绍影片 · Introductory Video of X-RGB

3. 迷城 · Lost
  作者:何彦泽 沈梦莛 朱子言

  Author: Yanze He, Mengting Shen & Ziyan Zhu
  This game requires players to restore the order of the game world by solving sound-related puzzles. It uses hand drawings to create the scene and the characters, making it virtually a moving picture book. The relaxing and amiable visual style makes it very appealing.

▲ 《迷城》游戏截图 · Screenshots from Lost

▲ 《迷城》介绍影片 · Introductory Video of Lost

4. 节奏怪盗 · ANN&AN
  作者:安启源 吴叶子 黄可欣

  Author: Qiyuan An, Yezi Wu & Kexin Huang
  This is a typical horizontal running game with intense rhythm and exciting experience. A player needs to dodge obstacles and collect bonus according to the beats. Another special design of this game for dual players is that two players must hit buttons simultaneous so as to obtain higher scores.

▲ 《节奏怪盗》游戏截图 · Screenshots from ANN & AN

▲ 《节奏怪盗》介绍影片 · Introductory Video of ANN & AN

5. 节奏闪避 · Beat Dodge

  Author: Dan Qiao
  This is a Musical Game of simple yet strong visual style. Obstacles of abstract shapes move and transform with the music rhythm while a player needs to move the red box in limited space to dodge them. Though the prototype itself was simple, it has great potential of extension.

▲ 《节奏闪避》游戏截图 · Screenshots from Beat Dodge

▲ 《节奏闪避》介绍影片 · Introductory Video of Beat Dodge

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