Unity XR创新设计实验室成立
Establishment of the Unity XR Lab


  Unity, the famous engine for authoring interactive media has become the most popular platform of creation all over the world.  It’s widely used to create 2D, 3D, VR and AR contents and influenced many fields including game, animation, film, design, education and scientific research.

  The Unite Conference is a global event for developers organized by the Unity company. Each year, thousands of unity developers gather to share knowledge and exchange ideas. On 11 May, Unite 2019 was held in the Shanghai International Conference Center. Xiaohua Sun, the vice dean of the College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University (D&I in short) and Junbo Zhang, the general manage in China and the global vice president from Unity signed an MOU to establish a strategic collaborative relationship between Unity and D&I.
  In the following speech session, professor Xiaohua Sun gave an overview of D&I. She emphasized that students in D&I were cultivated to be sensitive to the cutting-edge technologies and to put advanced digital media technologies into their practice of design.
  柳喆俊副教授接着分享了利用Unity引擎展开的教学探索与实践成果,并说明将基于“数字动画与数字娱乐实验室”的空间由双方共建“Unity XR创新设计实验室”,为学生提供一流的学习与创作环境,更好地激发他们基于Unity开展设计实践。
  Then, Associate Professor Zhejun Liu shared how Unity engine was used in the education and practice in Tongji University. He declared that the newly-built Unity XR Design Innovation Lab will provide first-tier learning and creation environment to motivate them to use Unity in their design practices.
  After signing the MOU, Unity would donate 50 educational licenses to D&I and organize various activities such as reports, workshops, competitions on a regular basis. Furthermore, Unity would actively participate in the scientific research projects carried out in D&I by providing reliable technology support. We believe that by cooperating closely, Unity and D&I will certainly lead the development of digital media in design.