The non-planar screen lab was established by me in the College of Arts and Media in 2011, and its major construction was finished in 2013.  I had been running and managing it until I changed to work at the College of Design and Innovation in 2019.
  To face up with the continuous development of digital technology and the demands of teaching and research, the lab was under constant upgrade and adjustment.  Thanks to the investment of about 3 million RMB by the end of 2018, the lab had the first-class facilities for digital media creation and research in China.  The lab was about 130 square meters in size (with an additional 200-sqm 
outdoor garden) and consisted of 3 parts: Room B22 as the teaching and practice section, Room B22 as the experimentation and demonstration section and the outdoor garden as a place for communication and refreshment.

  作为“教学、创作区”的B22房间面积约为40平方米,动画专业与三维动画、交互媒体与数字游戏相关的课程大部分在此进行,在没有教学任务的时间段则可由学生自由使用。实验配备了9台高性能的图形工作站,并且提供了大量技术先进、性能卓越的硬件设备供学习与研究之用,包括HTC Vive Pro虚拟现实眼镜、Oculus Rift CV1虚拟现实眼镜、Kinect One体感交互设备、Leap Motion体感交互设备、Noitom Legacy动捕设备、Wacom Intuos 5手绘板,以及Black Magic、Canon、Sony的各类影像摄制设备。

  Room B22, the teaching and practice section, was about 40 square meters in size. It hosted many courses on 3D animation, interactive media and digital games for the Animation Department. This section had 9 high-performance workstations and provided many advanced technologies and devices for study and research purposes, including HTC Vive Pro, Oculus Rift CV1, Kinect One, Leap Motion, Noitom Legacy Mocap, Wacom Intuos 5, Black Magic film camera and many other filming devices from Canon and Sony.

▲ 非平面影像实验室B22房间 · room B22 of the NPSLAB


  Room B20, the experimentation and demonstration section, was about 90 square meters in size.  The most important equipment in this space included a 2K dome cinema (5.5m in diameter) and a stereoscopic cylindrical projection (5m in radius and 120 degrees in angle) complemented by a hydraulic motion chair.  The integration of these two systems was all done by myself and it is worth mentioning that the geometric correction and edge blending functions of the cylindrical screen were both coded by me, saving a large amount of money to be spent on expensive processors.  This section also provided 8 powerful workstations for the students doing their graduation projects, who usually needed a relatively exclusive and stable working environment.

▲ 非平面影像实验室B20房间 · room B20 of the NPSLAB


  Outside room B22 was an atrium.  It used to be an unattended public space overgrown with weeds.  After I designed and refurnished it, it became a popular place for communication and refreshment, where teachers and students often came to discuss about their ideas for art creation.

▲ 非平面影像实验室户外中庭 · outdoor garden of the NPSLAB

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