The Immersive Simulation Lab (Tongji D&I branch) was supported by the joint efforts of the College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University, the Shanghai Aerospace Information Research Institute and the Topow (Jiangsu) Research Institute of Virtual Reality Technology Co., Ltd. It was founded by me in 2019 and is currently under my leadership. It focuses on the integration of digital media technologies (such as VR) and programmable motion seats. By exploring the new possibilities of applying these technologies in creative ways to fields such as entertainment, aerospace, military, industry and education, we expect to archive research results of high academic and social value.

  The Immersive Simulation Lab (Tongji D&I branch) currently has a 2-DOF programmable motion seat and another 6-DOF seat. They could not only be used to simulate the driving experience of various ground, over and under water, aero and space vehicles, but also provide other kinds of novel immersive experiences to their users.

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