A Collection of Games as Graduation Projects


  The following works are the games, interactive narratives and virtual exhibitions created under my supervision as bachelors’ graduation projects in 2023.  Please enjoy.

1. 《元素魔法师》· Elemental Enchanter
  作者:刘世钰 · by Shiyu Liu

  Elemental Enchanter is a party game developed independently by Shiyu Liu. The game takes place in a fictional world called “Nova”, where enchanters from different tribes are granted “four elemental spirits” to unleash elemental power with their staffs. You can choose to play as a member of the white or black robe team and fight side by side with your fellows to defeat  the opponents, to recover the lost “original power, and to discover the truth of “elemental magic”.

▲ 《元素魔法师》截图 · Screenshots from Elemental Enchanter


  Here are the promotional and introductory videos of the multi-player party game Elemental Enchanter. Please Enjoy.

2. 《漫步私语》· The Stroller‘s Prompts
  作者:郭昊洋 · by Haoyang Guo

  The Stroller’s Prompts offers an extraordinary virtual experience in which the audience will immerse in the spectacular ocean of light and understand this era of AI via thought-provoking dialogue. The work is also unique because it is itself a human-machine co-creation using a human-in-the-loop approach. Haoyang Guo explored the possibilities of integrating AIGC tools such as ChatGPT and Midjourney into the process of creation and design to bring forward a paradigm shift.

▲ 《漫步私语》截图 · Screenshots from The Stroller’s Prompts


  Here are the promotional and introductory videos of the virtual experience The Stroller’s Prompts. Please Enjoy.

3. 《花园》· FloraSpira The Garden
  作者:孙泽明 · by Zeming Sun 导师:张屹南 · by Yinan Zhang


  Ina, a girl born from mother nature, has the ability to create plant seeds and to make them blossom and yield fruit quickly. She was searching for lives in a barren world, taking seeds home for sowing, and returning them to nature. The world gradually came back to life thanks to her efforts. But an unexpected visitor, a fox hawk, appeared and disrupted the order, bringing an endless amount of life and greenery to the land, which glimmered wickedly. However, Ina’s creativity was silently deprived ……

▲ 《花园》画面 · Screenshots from FloraSpira The Garden


  Here are the final animation and the behind-the-scenes of the animated film FloraSpira The Garden. Please Enjoy.

4. 《共轭者》· The Conjugate
  作者:安启源 · by Qiyuan An

  The Conjugate is an interactive VR narrative based on the structure of the short story “The Garden of Forking Paths” by Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges. In the story, you ride a train to an vacant urban area, walk through it into a forest that seems impossible to get out of, and discover the truth of a world on the brink of extinction.

▲ 《共轭者》截图画面 · Screenshots from The Conjugate


  Here are the promotional and introductory videos of the interactive narrative The Conjugate. Please Enjoy.

5. 《文明的终点》· The Ends of Civilizations
  作者:许昊 · by Hao Xu

  The Ends of Civilizations is an online exhibition of sci-fi themes. Xu Hao picked from several classic Sci-fi novels the settings of how civilizations end and created a virtual exhibition with space, narratives and interactions not possible in the physical world, bringing visitors a brand new experience.

▲ 《文明的终点》画面 · Screenshots from The Ends of Civilizations


  Here are the promotional and introductory videos of the online exhibition The Ends of Civilizations. Please Enjoy.

6. 《流水线之王》· The King of Assembly Lines
  作者:余秋潼 · by Qiutong Yu

  This interactive narrative tells the story of a group of rural youths who have dropped out of schools and moved to a city. It’s about their work, lives, love and fantasies. This group of attention-hungry, insecure young people’s lives are full of conflicts and fragmentation: the reality of a barren, grey world and the desire for a rich and colourful spiritual one; the repeating tedious labour and the eagerness to release suppressed creativity; the pressure of survival with very few options and the desire for true love and freedom. They are often in a state of panic and at a loss about their identity, but they still shine with glowing innocence and hopefulness despite the gloomy reality.

▲ 《流水线之王》画面 · Screenshots from The King of Assembly Lines


  Here are the promotional and introductory videos of the interactive narrative The King of Assembly Lines. Please Enjoy.