You are currently viewing 科普解密游戏《Monolith》 · Monolith, a Puzzle Game for Science Popularization (2023)

科普解密游戏《Monolith》 · Monolith, a Puzzle Game for Science Popularization (2023)


  Monolith is a 2D puzzle game of unique style. The little spaceman controlled by a player travels across the design drawings of the Jame Webb space telescope, assisting scientists to solve technical problems and helping the telescope to enter space and start functioning. Through this game, a player is expected to learn in an easy and enjoyable way about the advanced technologies and human wisdom behind the invention of the Webb telescope. This game was created by a team of Wenyi Liu, Xijia Luo, Yichen Xu and Qiutong Yu. It is the outcome of Design Studio 5, one of my courses in the autumn semester of 2022. The Social Value Research Institute of Tencent Interactive Entertainment supported and participated in the course.

▲ 游戏简介 · Introduction to the Game

▲ 美术设计 · Game Art

▲ 游戏截图 · Screenshots


  The following is an introductory video of the Monolith.


  If you hope to know more about the creation of Monolith, please refer to the following video explaining the concept and production of the game.