You are currently viewing 冒险解谜游戏《古建大师之路》 · Road to ArchiMaster, an Adventure Puzzle Game (2023)

冒险解谜游戏《古建大师之路》 · Road to ArchiMaster, an Adventure Puzzle Game (2023)


  The Road to ArchiMaster is an adventure puzzle game in Chinese ancient style, which aims to let players gain an entertaining experience while enriching their knowledge of ancient Chinese architecture and making them aware of the importance of preserving historical and cultural heritage. This game was created by a team of Zeming Sun, An Qiyuan, Wu Yezi and Guo Hao Yang. It is the outcome of Design Studio 5, one of my courses in the autumn semester of 2022. The Social Value Research Institute of Tencent Interactive Entertainment supported and participated in the course.

▲ 游戏简介 · Introduction to the Game

▲ 原画设计 · Conceptual Art

▲ 游戏截图 · Screenshots


  The following is an introductory video of the Road to ArchiMaster.


  If you hope to know more about the creation of Road to ArchiMaster, please refer to the following video explaining the concept and production of the game.