You are currently viewing 设创毕设虚拟展馆 · D&I Virtual Exhibition (2022)

设创毕设虚拟展馆 · D&I Virtual Exhibition (2022)


  Because of the Covid-19 surge in Shanghai, the 2022 graduation exhibition of Tongji D&I was decided to be totally online.  The virtual exhibition authored by a team led by me was one of the most important highlights in this event.

▲ 虚拟展馆入口大厅 · Entrance Hall of the Virtual Gallery


  The virtual exhibition is provided as WebGL, PC and Mac versions, among which the WebGL version may be visited inside a browser directly. The download package is as large as 40MB, while the visual quality and user experience is as good as a stand-alone executable.

▲ 动态雕塑《时&空》 · Time & Space, a Dynamic Installation

▲ 虚拟展馆室内空间 · Interior Space of the Virtual Gallery


  Another feature of this virtual exhibition resides in its interactive exhibition approaches. Because of the pandemic, students’ submission is limited to text, pictures and videos. To enhance user experience, we designed lots of interactive exhibits that are easy to use and fun to play with, making visitors more entertained and satisfied hopefully.

▲ 本科生作品交互展厅 · Interactive Exhibition Halls for Undergraduate Students’ Works

▲ 研究生作品交互展厅 · Interactive Exhibition Halls for Graduate Students’ Works


  The following is an introductory video of this virtual exhibition, please enjoy.