A Collection of Games as Graduation Projects


  Affected by the surge of Covid-19 in Shanghai in 2022, students encountered many difficulties during their graduation project.  However, they chose to face up to challenges with optimism and persistence, which led to satisfying final results.  The following works are the games created under my supervision as graduation projects.  Please enjoy.

1. 《精神伙伴》· Companion
  作者:俞凯西 · by Kaixi Yu

  This is an interactive narrative game running on tablets. It tells a story about future humans relying on AI and virtual people for spiritual consolation. It led players to unveil the story with natural and entertainning interaction and offered them a thought-provoking reversal ending.

▲ 《精神伙伴》画面 · Screenshots from Companion


  The following is a introductory video of the interactive narrative game Companion.

2. 《西南十二》· S.W. 12
  作者:杨子涵 · by Zihan Yang

  This is a horror game inspired by the daily life of students of Tongji University.  It hopes to bring a memorable terrifying gaming experience to its players as did by Sillent Hill P.T. South West 12 was the dormitory building in which the creator lived for many year. One day he woke up only to find that the whole building was empty and nobody could be found. Horrable things began to happen as he tried to expolore for an answer.

▲ 《西南十二》画面 · Screenshots from S.W.12


  The following is an introductory video of the horror game S.W.12.

3. 《生死之间》· In-between
  作者:罗冰绡 · by Bingxiao Luo

  This is a narrative game discussing the meaning of life. The author imagined an in-between world between life and death. When some one died with strong unfinished wills, he/she would stay here forever and could not join the reincarnation. A player’s mission is to help them finish the wishes and go to heaven. In this process, the player also learns about touching or thought-provoking stories.

▲ 《生死之间》画面 · Screenshots from In-beween


  The following is an introductory video of the game In-between.

4. 《寻》· Seek
  作者:林静瑜 · by Jingyu Lin

  This is an interactive music experience using an eye tracker as the input device. In the game, an audience goes through many imaginary scenes with a beautiful song and triggers interesting interactions using  his/her eyesight.

▲ 《寻》画面 · Screenshots from Seek


  The following is an introductory video of the interactive music experience Seek.

5. 《女孩故事》· A Girl’s Story
  作者:邓晶 · by Jing Deng

  This is an interactive narrative game that tells a story about a girl seeking answer to her depression deep in her sub-conciousness and finally discovered that the overwhelmming love and control from her mighty mom was the root of her problem, invoking reflections on how to define a healthy paernt-child relationship.

▲ 《女孩故事》画面 · Screenshots from A Girl’s Story


  The following is an introductory video of the interactive narrative game A Girl’s Story.

6. 《伊甸之空》· Wings of Eden
  作者:方颖 · by Ying Fang

  This is an adverture platformer in which a young girl goes through many challenges in two completely different environments.  She has to tell the real world from the illusionary one, and finally make a decision whether to live a free but dangerous life or a cozy but illusory one.

▲ 《伊甸之空》画面 · Screenshots from Wings of Eden


  The following is an introductory video of the adventure platformer Wings of Eden.