You are currently viewing 三维动画作品合集 · A Collection of 3D Animation (2022)

三维动画作品合集 · A Collection of 3D Animation (2022)


  3D Animation, one of my courses for sophomore students in D&I, aims to help low-grade students, in the direction of digital media in special, to master basic skills of 3D animation. The theme of the final-term assignment was “fish”. Each student was expected to model in Zbrush and then create a short (less than 10 seconds) animated clip in Maya. Some of the artworks are shown below.

▲ 作者:陈罗千绘 · by Qianhui Chen Luo

▲ 作者:戴若妤 · by Ruoyu Dai

▲ 作者:段牧子 · by Muzi Duan

▲ 作者:傅玥雯 · by Yuewen Fu

▲ 作者:甘陈宇 · by Chenyu Gan

▲ 作者:干亦洁 · by Yijie Gan

▲ 作者:金怡 · by Yi Jin

▲ 作者:林慈丰 · by Cifeng Lin

▲ 作者:林煜 · by Yu Lin

▲ 作者:刘隽语 · by Juanyu Liu

▲ 作者:刘一驰 · by Yichi Liu

▲ 作者:毛一迪 · by Yidi Mao