You are currently viewing 三维静帧作品合集 · A Collection of 3D Artworks (2023)

三维静帧作品合集 · A Collection of 3D Artworks (2023)


  3D Design and Visualization, one of my courses for all the students in D&I, aims to help low-grade students to master basic concepts and skills of 3D art creation so as to get them prepared for further learning in different directions, digital media in special. At the end of this semester, students were required to create with 3D software a picture of a product or a scenery in real life. They may also choose to create a picture inspired by their favorite films or games. Some of the artworks are shown below.

▲ 《》作者:林基正 · by Jizheng Lin

▲ 《遗落圣殿》作者:何佳韵 · The Lost Sanctuary by Jiayun He

▲ 《PIX Moving Robobus》作者:阳婧雯 · PIX Moving Robobus by Jingwen Yang

▲ 《关卡:港》作者:缑悦然 · Level: Harbor by Yi Jin

▲ 《大 疆Phantom 3》作者:张盛 · DJI Phantom 3 by Sheng Zhang

▲ 《Life in a Juice》作者:邓茹心 · Life in a Juice by Ruxin Deng

▲ 《2022太空漫游》作者:许若兰 · 2022:A Space Odyssey by Yi Jin

▲ 《绀碧酒廊》作者:黄梓豪 · The Bar in Konpeki Plaza by Zihao Huang

▲ 《哈尔的魔法契约》作者:付雨彤 · Howl’s Magic Contract by Yutong Fu

▲ 《小美人鱼》作者:张欧琦 · The Little Mermaid by Ouqi Zhang

▲ 《主教桥废墟》作者:王烽宇 · The Ruined Pont del Bisbe by Fengyu Wang

▲ 《夏日友晴天》作者:田雁榕 · Luca by Yanrong Tian

▲ 《小屋一角》作者:周子钦 · A Corner in a Room by Ziqin Zhou

▲ 《Miku-Guitar》作者:何楚珩 · Miku-Guitar by Chuheng He

▲ 《中央弧形空间的再创造》作者:何家乐 · Recreation of the Central Arc by Jiale He

▲ 《白川乡合掌屋》作者:李晓乐 · Gassho-zukuri in Shirakawago by Xiaole Li

▲ 《勇者大人睡着了》作者:段牧子 · Sleeping Link by Muzi Duan

▲ 《日系小城一隅》作者:张益畅 · A Japanese Style Town View by Yichang Zhang

▲ 《梦中的地铁》作者:廖安美 · Subway in a Dream by Anmei Liao

▲ 《小屋原画试做》作者:鲁亚杰 · Inside a Hut by Yajie Lu

▲ 《SFIT实验室》作者:杨芊尔 · The SFIT Lab by Qianer Yang

▲ 《大悲宇宙二创》作者:李心瑜 · Cyber-Budda by Xinyu Li