You are currently viewing 设计工作坊成果展览 · Exhibition of the Design Studio course (2021)

设计工作坊成果展览 · Exhibition of the Design Studio course (2021)


  The exhibition of the outcomes of my course Studio 5 was held during November 8 to 22, 2021. It included two sub-exhibitions, namely Reconstruction: the Han-Culture-Themed Exhibition of Interactive Art and Another World: the Exhibition of VR Games. Peng Li, CEO of the Exactly Technology participated the opening ceremony together with teachers and students from D&I.

▲ 开幕式现场照片 · Opening Ceremony of the Exhibition


  There were 2 topics for my Studio 5 course this year. The first required students to design and create interactive installations / media inspired by the culture of Han dynasty. Under the guidance of me and Peng Li, Xibing Huang and Yupeng Lin from Exactly Technology, 8 students created 5 pieces of artworks.

▲ 究竟科技专家参与授课与指导 · Experts from Exactly Technology gave lectures and advices to students


  The works under this theme are shown below:

1. 毕星雨人 · Bixing, the God of Rain
  作者:梁心平 杨子涵

  Author: Xinping Liang & Zihan Yang
  This is an interactive installation about Bixing, the God of Rain in Han dynasty. The visitors tilt the pottery plate to change where and how heavy it rains on the screen so as to affect virtual characters, animals and environment. (More information is available from this link.)

▲ 交互装置《毕星雨人》· Bixing, the God of Rain, an Interactive Installation

2. 汉人别传 · A Story of Han
  作者:汪晓雅 英阔

  Author: Xiaoya Wang & Kuo Ying
  This is a mobile game created based on the culture of Han dynasty. It tells the story of the soul of a deceased person fighting the ghost of plague and finally becoming immortal. (More information is available from this link.)

▲ 手机游戏《汉人别传》· A Story of Han, a Mobile Game

3. 鲲驷 · Kun Si
  作者:黄湘琪 娄忆晗

  Author: Xiangqi Huang & Yihan Lou
  This is an interactive installation inspired by a story from Han dynasty about “a fish leaping over the dragon gate and becoming a dragon”. A visitor may use his/her gesture to control a carriage dragged by legendary fish Kun, going through lakes and mountains and finally reach the magnificent heaven palace.

▲ 交互装置《鲲驷》· Kun Si, an Interactive Installation

4. 漆影 · Illusory Oil Paint

  Author: Yuanzhe Xi
  This is an RFID interactive installation about the oil-painted utensil from Han dynasty. A visitor may play with the props on the desktop to choose the combination of patterns on a oil-painted plate.  The final result is shown via projection mapping.

▲ 交互装置《漆影》· Illusory Oil Paint, an Interactive Installation

5. 石色 · Color of Stones

  Author: Xuesi Hong
  This is an interactive installation about the famous Han dynasty stone relief. With a virtual flashlight a visitor may restore the colors of a faded stone relief, as if time goes back by thousands of years.

▲ 交互装置《石色》· Color of Stones, an Interactive Installation


  The other topic of this course requires students to create a VR game and encourages the innovation of gameplay mechanism. The works under this theme are shown below:

1. 反制工厂 · Factory Rebellion
  作者:罗冰绡 林静瑜 方颖

  Author: Bingxiao Luo, Jingyu Lin & Ying Fang
  This is a VR game for two competing players. One player (desktop) controls a character in a 2D platformer and needs to move him to the end of the level while the other player acts as this character and tries to resist the manipulation of the first character. (More information is available from this link.)

▲ 双人VR游戏《反制工厂》· Factory Rebellion, a dual-player VR game

2. 归途 · Back to Home
  作者:倪潇枫 郭凯璇 朱珺奕 夏多为

  Author: Xiaofeng Ni, Kaixuan Guo, Junyi Zhu & Duowei Xia
  This is a VR game simulating the experience of stilt walk. A player needs to carefully maintain balance while walking over the Acheron river to go back to home faraway.

▲ VR游戏《归途》· Back to Home, a VR game