Game Design Course Achievements Show


  In the fist semester of the 2019-2020 school year, I taught students how to design a game and develop it with the Unity engine.  They were required to refer to a classical game published before 1990 and design a game based on it with a real world problem in mind.  The game might invoke public attention toward this problem or provide solution to it. The final outcomes are as follow.

1. Floating Space
  作者:褚心语 邓可儿 汤舒祺 叶小舟

  A platformer about space junk. Two players must cooperate to clean up the space and to avoid accidents of colliding with each other.

2. Inside
  作者:李一诺 罗宋

  A platformer that arouses concern about those suffering from dyslexia. The clever design is that a player must constantly use the mouse cursor to explore the outside world in ordinary peoples’ eyes and the inside world in dyslexia patients’ eyes in search for a correct path.

3. Maze of Heart
  作者:黎钰 陈秋宇 张一萌

  A 3D maze game to draw public attention for depression, which challenges players’ reaction and operation skills.

4. Nightmare
  作者:洪雪寅 英阔 范思琦

  A puzzle game where the player must interact with character and props in the scene to find clues and escape the nightmare of anxiety.

5. Nighty
  作者:朱珺奕 李雨宸 顾天润 沈怡雯

  A novel tower defense game that requires players to find favorable factors in the environment and keep the little demon from awakening the sleeper.

6. Nowhere
  作者:胡绮轩 钱商黎 唐予欢 张樱曼

  A work based on the classical greedy snake game that reflects on the morality of science and technology development.

7. Donkey Cart
  作者:冯泗衡 崔龙根

  A platformer that criticizes excessive consumption. The player must save money from commercial traps.


  A special chess game which talks about artificial intelligence.

9. Snake
  作者:张梓祥 林颖雯 王子骁 范文意

  Another greedy snake game that talks about greed, desire and destruction.

10.  Trouble Maker
  作者:方雨婵 郑策 沈亦煊

  A strategic puzzle game in voxel style. Players must control the puppy to make trouble in the home to attract its owner’s attention. The moves must be carefully planned so that the puppy doesn’t get caught in a deadlock.

11.   日后 · Tomorrow
  作者:张一鸣 王天勤 金也

  A platformer that arouse players’ reflection on environmental protection.

12.   杀戮职场 · Office Warfare
  作者:张言 曾佳奕 罗在实 陈颖鹿

  A casual game with delightful visual style. Players must control a pig clerk to cope with various regular and emergent jobs in a busy office to avoid the fate of being laid off.

13.   回家 · Turtle’s Way Home
  作者:马鸿熙 许晴 姚瑶 陈婉昕

  A platform game of the environmental protection topic. The main character is a doctor of chemistry turned into a turtle by polluted water. He must fight with monsters made from underwater contaminants to find his way home.


  The following video is a collection of the game showreels. Please enjoy.