You are currently viewing 寻 & 减肥瑜伽 · Pursuit & Weight Losing Yoga (2015)

寻 & 减肥瑜伽 · Pursuit & Weight Losing Yoga (2015)


  I supervised undergraduate students Ziqi Peng to create her graduation project Pursuit and Xiaohui Zhou to create the animated short film Weight Losing Yoga. Both won the Awards for Excellence Entries of the 17th National Design Master Award and the 3dr prize of the New West National Film Festival for University Students.

▲ 彭梓琪的毕业设计《寻》 · Pursuit, Ziqi Peng’s Graduation Project

▲ 《寻》全片 · “Pursuit” the complete film

▲ 周晓慧的毕业设计《减肥瑜伽》 · Weight Losing Yoga, Xiaohui Zhou’s Graduation Project

▲ 《减肥瑜伽》全片 · “Weight Losing Yoga” the complete film