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入侵 · Invasion (2008)


  Invasion was an interactive dome projection I created by myself.  It was shown in the 2008 new media art exhibition held in Tongji University and won the 2009’s 1st Prize of the China Academy Award in the new media installation category.  The theme was about environmental protection.  When the program started,  a beautiful and peaceful environment was shown on the dome.  When visitors moved underneath the dome, the virtual environment deteriorated at a speed proportional to the movement until war was triggered on the exhaustion of resources.  Finally, a nuclear bomb destroyed everything and reset the program.  If visitors stop their movement during this process, the virtual environment would recover by itself gradually.  This artwork aimed to remind people that the invasion into the nature would eventually cause the destruction of human race and therefore we must cherish nature and peace.



  The following videos introduce this work and the making of it, please enjoy.