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飞利浦数字沙盘 · Digital Sand Table for Philips (2007)

  飞利浦公司在2007年曾推出名为3D Wow的裸眼三维电视机,因希望推广到军事领域委托开发了这款可以进行虚拟排兵布局的数字沙盘软件。我在此项目中负责程序设计和美术指导的工作。

  Philips© invented a naked-eye 3D TV named 3D Wow® and hoped to explore the military market.  This was the digital sand table application running on that device in which a user may make military decisions virtually.  I did the programming and worked as the art director in this project.


  The following is an introductory video of the prototype. Please enjoy.