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独臂刀 · Single-armed Swordman (2004)

  这是由香港天映公司举办的全球三维动画大赛,也是我一次尝试制作写实风格的角色动画,最终获得了三等奖。我试图通过这个动画来重现邵氏武打电影所特有的时代特色与影像质感,在此过程中探索了许多当时从未接触过的新技术,包括布料模拟、Realflow、Particle Flow,甚至包括Motion Builder,收获良多。

  This was an international 3D animation competition organized by Celestial Picture© in Hongkong, and I created my first realistic character animation for it.  Finally, I was awarded as the third runner-up.  In order to give it the style of famous <em>Shao’s</em> martial art films, I studied many new techniques at that time, including cloth simulation, Realflow®, Particle Flow®, and even Motion Builder®. I learned a lot during that period of time.


  The following is the complete version of the animation, please enjoy.