nVidia Flash Animation Competition

  这是我获得nVidia Geforce FX5900杯全国Flash大赛优胜奖的作品,也是我第一次参加Flash动画比赛。由于这个作品基本上都是使用三维渲染成二维的,听说当时还在评委中引起了这是否算是Flash动画的争议:-p

  This was the award-winning flash animation I submitted to the nVidia© Geforce® FX5900 national flash animation competition.  It was also the first flash animation competition I participated in.  Because this animation was mainly created in 3D and rendered into the flash format, as far as I know it aroused a debate among the judges whether it shall be regarded as flash animation or not :-p


  The following is the complete version of the animation, please enjoy.