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海底两万里 · 20000 Miles Under the Sea (2023)


  This game called 20000 Miles Under the Sea is a duan-player 4DVR game about deep-sea scientific research we developed together with Shanghai Junji Co., LTD. for Yichang Smart Ocean Information Center. We were mainly responsible for the design and development of the software. In this game, two players will play as future scientists driving the Jiaolong V Submersible to find black chimneys (hydrothermal vents) in the deepest Marianas Trench. The first player will be responsible for steering the submersible above the sea floor, while the other one will be manipulating the robotic arm to collect valuable samples from the seabed, and will be responsible for placing metal tags near the black chimneys.

▲ 双人体感VR游戏《海底两万里》 · 20000 Miles Under the Sea, a dual-player 4DVR game


  After a simple operational training, the two players will begin to execute the Marianas Trench scientific research mission. They need to collect as many samples as possible along the way, besides, they also need to find and mark the location of the black chimneys before the oxygen runs out. They shall not get too close to a black chimney, or the mission will fail because the cabin will overheat and consume all the coolant. To enter the toplist,  two players need to not only master their own operational skills, but also work together and cooperate well.

▲ 双人体感VR游戏《海底两万里》画面 · Screenshots from 20000 Miles Under the Sea, a dual-player 4DVR game


  The following video shows how the game is played. Please enjoy.